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Re: List changes (actually saving email)

Harmon Seaver  wrote:
>I'm surprised at the number of people who print out email. Why do you
>do this? You already have the perfect storage medium -- your harddisk,
>and keeping it digital form allows you to search it so much easier.

Then Peter D. Verheyen wrote:
>To take it a step further. Why keep it at all when it's archived on a
>server with full text searching capabilities and indexing options (Date,
>poster, topic). The archives alone were close to 200mb last time I asked
>about them. You can access them via the Book Arts Web, then Book_Arts-L
.FAQ. I even added a nice search form.

I keep messages of interest to me stored on my home machine. Often I have to
change the heading, because threads often evolve into another topic under an
obsolete heading. This is an issue on all lists I subscribe to.

Web archives are great, but often I don't want to have to start my modem and
crank up Netscape just to quickly look up a tidbit of info, and  then (if the
dial-in line isn't busy and the server isn't down ) worry if I've got the right
search term, or if I've gotten everything on a particular topic that might be
lurking under another word. Again, this is general issue not a book-art-l one
in particular.

Karen Molloy


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