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Re: paper storage files

In a message dated 97-05-09 10:32:19 EDT, you write:

<<   We bought them from University Products (800-628-1912)
 for $118.72 for a set of two of the larger size (I think we actually bought
6) but I've
 also seen them in the Dick Blick catalog (800-447-8192) as well as
 numerous industrial supply catalogs for about the same price.

I have a catalog from Repro Products (found them on the net) and they sell
these trays for $90 each.  I considered getting them, but they also sell the
flat files starting at $500 for a 4 drawer flat file 38 inches across... I'd
rather have one of those, I think.  They have the flat files in steel or

Their number to call for a free catalog is 1-800-846-8845.
Be sure to ask for the price list, too.


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