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Re: List changes (actually saving email)

I think that we are beating a fictitious archival strawperson.  Instead
of making hay (paper) while the sunshines we are looking for ways to get
the transient to be permanent in a world where little (including us,
unfortunately) is.  Roofs leak, bugs eat, and fire destroys paper, clay
tablets break, monuments crumble, emf destroys magnetic media, technology
fails, etc.  It's a matter of how compulsive one wants to be, how
narcissistic one is about the value of their words, ideas, and images,
and many other factors.  I find it interesting that a group working in
the book format which, in most cases, implies physicality of object, is
engaged in this discussion.

A true OCD person would make multiple copies of everything, invest in a
fire-proof safe (or, better yet an abandoned cold-war bomb shelter), back
up their computer hourly with at least two alternative systems (e.g.,
tape and a Zip drive), and have multiple back ups.  There are probably
many other things that this person would do.  Unfortunately, they would
not have a chance to do anything but preserve materials, creating an
endless, repetitive cycle that would not even allow them time to read
incoming material regardless of its format.

Not to start a new thread, but to indulge in a little more nostalgia, I
recommend a SciFi book that I read many years ago: Canticle for
Liebowitz.  I've forgotten the author's name but it's still in print (and
I should get another copy for my summer reading).

P.S. I print out worthwhile email as I have yet to figure out how to get
messages from the main frame that I'm ethernet hooked into to my hard
drive and then to my Zip drive, and then to hope that my back pack does
not get stolen.  Oh well, now that the semester's almost over I can
hopefully work on art, craft or whatever you might call what I do over
the week end.  (I can't resist the thought that just came to me: ART is
embedded in cRAfT but the converse is not true.  Similarly, you could
consider ART as RAT, but that's another tail).


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