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Re: books in sheets

Solveig Schumann wrote:

> thickness (at least 3/4 inch) since I 'll be binding them in a style that
> doesn't work on thinner books. Are there any printers, publishers, book
> artists who have an excess of books in sheets they would like to sell?
> >
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Dear Solveig,

I have a book in sheets called 'Paper' put together by Peter Thomas and
his wife for the current Guild of Bookworkers traveling exhibition.

To my knowledge it is one of,  if not the last, of this book left in
sheets, as the rest were sold  and bound for the exhibition. The reason
my remains in it's present state, is I became ill and was unable to
tackle the task at hand.

I payed $200 for the book and will offer it to you, if you are
interested, for the same price, ppd.

The book will be exactaly 3/4 of an inch when the endpapers are added.
It was suggested in the prospectus to get the end papers fron one of the
papermakers in the book.

If this book interests you, check out the exhibition at the Guild of
Bookworkers web site.

Terry Rowley
Brendan Thomas Books
88 Highland Avenue
Naugatuck, CT  06770

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