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Re: Artists' Books

In a message dated 05/09/97 8:05:02 PM, Karen Klein wrote:

<<thanks, mary crest for your words about your "vacabulary>>

I had a similar response to your post, Mary. It was somewhat daunting though,
I'll admit, to read that you so frequently feel successful in the attempt to
create an organic whole. I too create books with the intent of responding to
specific content and, like Karen Malloy, I work in series, the specific
content reflecting whatever it is I am exploring in that series. However, my
solutions to integrating text, imagery and structure often leave me feeling
as if something vital is missing. Many times I have wished I had the
resources to work with a small group of *advisors* (?), to brainstorm
solutions. I imagine myself in some future time (when financial support is
readily available) relying on the input and labors of someone besides myself
to make something larger than I am capable of alone, where the text I write,
the images I make and the structures I envision can be augmented by the expert
ise of people who have been developing skill in other areas (typography,
printing, fine binding, papermaking). Do others of you work in this way, or
do you mostly do everything yourself, relying entirely on your own expertise
and developed interests?

Barbara Harman

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