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Re: List changes (actually saving email)

Sam Wrote:

>Thanks, Christopher, for the Baudrillard quote. It was most appropriate. I
>think the digital nature of our current technology is seeping into our
>psyches  with the result that issues become either ones or zeros---no
>middle ground for judgment and wisdom, neither of which can be digitized. I
>suspect this is involved in the increasing polarization of our society on
>most issues.
>Thanks again, and regards from the Texas Hill Country (the German part of
>Sam Lanham
>Sam Lanham (slanham@xxxxxxxx)
>It ain't the heavy haulin' that hurts the horse.  It's the clop, clop, clop
>on the hard highway.
>                                ----Ray Wynn, west Galveston Island

Greetings to everyone,

One more thing that is fundamental to Baudrillards critique of modern tech.
is the idea of Simulation as I have mentioned. A simulation is when one of
the havenots masquerade as the haves. That is the zeros are pretending to
be ones. He continues that the differentiation is between the real and the
simulated is confusing our ability to recognize and value the real as such.

This aspect of his Philosophy came to me with your response. He is really a
good read, though I hope that I am not the bibliophile, who is always
trying to convince the members of this list to read the last book he's just

with regards.

Abdalbarr Brown
Murabitun of Madison, Wisconsin. America


"But where  the danger is, there too grows
        the saving ."   H=F6lderlin

"Aber wo die Gefahr ist, w=E4chst
          das Rettende auch."    H=F6lderlin

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