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Re: tacketting

There is a good definition of tacketing in "Bookbind and the Conservations
of Books: A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology" by Matt T. Roberts and
Don Etherington, Washington, Library of Congress, 1982.  See p. 258 which
says in part, "tacketing.  A method originally employed in non-adhesive
binding to secure the section (or sections) and covers of limp vellum
bindings.  The technique was later used to secure the loose, jacketlike
cover to the text block of some bindings, and, from late medieval times,
as a method of decorataing the covers of stationery bindings.  Tacketing
in one form or another dates back to at least the early 12th century.  In
the past 100 years or so, tacketing has been used to reinforce the sewing
of large blankbooks. ... Over a period of some 800 years, therefore,
tacketing has evolved from a method of constructing a bookbinding to a
method of reinforcing and decorating the spine and covers of a book."  It
goes on for two more paragraphs.  From Phil Weimerskirch, Providence
Public Library <PHILWH@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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