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Re: Artists' Books

Barbara Harman wrote:
> I too create books with the intent of responding to
>specific content and, like Karen Malloy, I work in series, the specific
>content reflecting whatever it is I am exploring in that series. <snip>
where the text I write,
>the images I make and the structures I envision can be augmented by the
expertise of >people who have been developing skill in other areas (typography,
>printing, fine binding, papermaking). Do others of you work in this way, or
>do you mostly do everything yourself, relying entirely on your own expertise
>and developed interests?

The main deterent I find to making books is the content.  I have trouble
finding the words and images to put into books.  I am making lots of blank
books because of this, and am looking for ways to find text and images to
work with.  Sounds like we should get together.

Kathy in Saskatchewan


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