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More On Johnson Bookbinding

(I've missed a few weeks of digests, please forgive if this information has already been discussed....)

: )

Concerning Johnson Bookbinding:

>In response to Marilyn Korber's query about Johnson Bookbinding Co.: you
>are not alone.  A year and half ago, at least seven of us in the
>Preservation and Conservation Studies Program went together on an order
>of Japanese bookcloth.  The cloth never came, and we were never able to
>determine what had happened.  When one of us called, she was repeatedly
>told that the order was on the way.  Eventually he admitted that he had
>had her confused with someone else of the same name.  The end result is that
>we were never told if he lost the order or couldn't fill it.  Since that
>time we've discovered many bookbinding colleagues that have had similar


>Thanks for responding.  I guess I'll give up on Johnson.  Unfortunately, I
>have been unable to find the cloth anywhere else.  Wish me luck!

We too can tell similar horror stories but I won't waste the bandwidth.

After a few discouraging dealings with Johnson, I gave up and searched for other suppliers. It wasn't easy, but here are some leads if anybody is looking for Japanese Jacquard & other cloths:

        Harcourt Bindery
        Boston, Mass
        617 542 5858

(I suggest calling Harcourt first, they've been extremely helpful, even importing custom-dyed bolts of Jacquard fabrics from Japan for us. They also carry a small stock in their studio for immediate shipping)

        New York, NY
        212 219 0770

(Talas carries a selection of former Johnson cloths)

        San Francisco
        415 621 0869

(Ask for Jen. He was backing bolts of his own Japanese cloths for a while, nice jacquard fabrics, kinda expensive though)

        Rugg Road
        Boston, Mass
        617 742 0002

(We've been selling some of our cloths to Rugg Road which they're selling retail, I think they have a dozen or so styles)

Hope this helps anyone who was discouraged by the now defunct Johnson Bookbinding!



                           Rag & Bone Bindery

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