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Re: Book Arts - Text

> For those who seem to be voicing anxieties as to what to write about, the
> advice I can give from my experience, would be to look around your own
> environment - nature, local history, travels, children's books, poetry, etc.

Putting the messages from this thread, with the permission of the authors,
was the first thing that came to mind to put in a book.

The tradition I've "grown" with is the book is a container for ideas, as well
as an integral part of expressing or interpreting the ideas.  The ideas start
someplace, maybe with a single word:  fire, visitors, touch or come from
what I've chosen to bind "The Ballad of Orange and Grape" by Muriel
Rukeyser or something by T.S. Elliot.   It starts the idea of cover/paper
selection with color, texture; the shape of the book; how a person should
interact with the idea drives the structure.  The artist uses environmental
limits (not enough orange paper, or, book must be done by Tuesday)
 with their personal taste and preferences to generate the book.
IF you can't get all the parts to come together, you go back to the idea,
again, or the parts refine the idea.  Maybe the book needs to be the touch of
fog, or campfires I have known or a gilt edge book of love sonnets.
Or you have this material or structure you want to use and it make you
think of an idea...

And you end up with everything from Minsky's leather and gold bound guest
book...to a blank book to be completed by another...to a booklet made from
a fast food placemat.

Sometimes the things I do trying out different structures, all I think is,
such a pretty book, too bad it doesn't have anything to say yet.  Maybe it
will grow up to be a real book someday.

Karen from Atlanta

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