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Re: Bridges to the past; links to the future

The discussion about the storage of information is fascinating - thank you

Jack Thompson, Louis Nadeau, Harmon and others who have contributed.

It would seem that we cannot store everything forever!  And that nothing is

excluded from environmental degradation  (which serves as an Allpowerful Censor)

     Much like storing nuclear waste underground for tens of thousands of

mankind's intellectual output must be stored the same way in climate controlled

atmosphere under bedrock with a cadre of experts tending it who know not only

how to preserve  storage media but also repair the machines to decipher...a

 specialized group who pass on their knowledge and skills to each generation - a

 most noble of all professions - maybe aptly named " world treasures ".

      The question is, who decides what is to be preserved and stored??

      Years ago at an ALA (American Library Association) meeting an

eloquent speaker warned that "someone" was going to have to decide which

materials would be allowed to decompose and which would be saved. Censorship

at best?  And that politics would come into it... (note that Jack mentions

the .data about the Vietnam War is already beyond translation.. .lost .....who

decided at the time to NOT reconfigure the medium? How much was "classified"? )

      It may be interesting to get some copies of Isaac Asimov's Foundation

Trilogy to peruse again along with Canticle to Leibowitz.

       And one more thought....theres mountians and mountains of

wordage  (rhymes with garbage) that should be erased.  Which experts will



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