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Re: tacketting

Dear Phyllis :

You asked about tacketting.  Here is a simple example.  You make a small
pamphlet type booklet...say 8 sections of folded paper the same size, each
section made of 3-4 folios.  You take some card stock and make a cover for
booklet such that it has two folds in the middle forming a spine that fits
the thickness of your 8 sections stacked together.  To reinforce the spine,
you cut a piece of thin leather to fit it, an oblong strip.

Now you have to mark 2 sewing stations, one 1/2" from the top (head) and one at
the bottom (tail) and punch holes at these places on the folds of the sections.
Make a slit or  holes through the leather and cover which line up across
the spine with the holes punched in the sections.

Cut strips of vellum 1/8 inch wide and 5 times the distance between the slits.
Wet the vellum in some white glue thinned with water and twist each over
and over at each end in opposite directions at the same time to make sort
of a rope like thread.

Put a needle on each end and pass each end through the sewing stations of a
section and then through the slit, criss crossing the ends, tyng a knot,
and letting the vellum then dry ( it tightens and also sticks to the spine
forming  bristle -like  decorative  stick-out ends across the spine.

I was told that this is simple tacketting.  Its curious and with
rough,natural color cover and text paper quite good looking -  (the ends
can also be woven under and over themselves, trimmed and let dry if you
dont wish to have the stiff ends sticking out at an angle from the spine.)

Hope this helps - and I offer this as a simple example.  Experts may
correct & go further please.


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