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Re: Bridges to the past; links to the future SELF DISCLOSURE

Dear Ringo....ah,---- I mean, - Raymond Starr :

Thankyou for your personal disclosure...Your credentials and work week are
indeed impressive but what impresses me more, (in fact I am in AWE) is that
you can be a groupie, too,and also even have time to dream about making
prints and books never mind actually doing such !! I certainly envy you, with
great humbleness. (P.S. what IS your secret? )

As for the information crush, there are some basic knowledge and skills and
crafts that I think must absolutely be saved forever or as long as homo sapiens
is around.  Everything basic for survival should things go awry.  (Jack Thompson
knows a lot of stuff that  has to be preserved.)  So do dirt farmers, people
who know how to find their way in the woods  and in strange places and can tell
the weather by looking at the sky and tasting the wind, etc.  and I could
go on and on but my drift is that narrow, highly specialized knowledge is
enough for survival should survival become the main drive. Now, it would be
nice probably to also have the directions for making a super cyclotron ....

What would be your list of vital information that absolutely must be preserved



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