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Hemingway Artist's Book Winners (fwd)

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The Hemingway Western Studies Center at Boise State
University is pleased to announce Melinda Stone
and Igor Vamos of San Diego, California have been
selected winners of the HWSC 1997 Artists' Book
Competition for their innovative photo postcard/map/

National judges Tony Zwicker, Keith A. Smith, and
Sandra Kroupa unanimously selected the bookwork
which consists of 20 color postcards, maps, and mailing

HWSC winners receive a $500 cash award, publication
of their book, and standard royalties.  Previous winners
include Sandra Lopez (CLEARCUT) and Greg Leichner

SUGGESTED PHOTO SPOTS is spiral bound book with postcards
of "sites" across America: the Tojan Recreational Area
and Nuclear Plant in St. Helens, Oregon; farmland/ICBM
silo near Lodgepole, Nebraska; McDonald's "M" factory in
South Milwaukee, Wisconsin; the Kodak waste water
treatment plant in Rochester, New York; black coal
hole, Minersville, Pennsylvania; pumping station #1,
New Orleans, Louisiana; Wal-Mart distribution center,
New Braunfels, Texas; New York City sludge depository,
Sierra Blanca, Texas; the international border fence,
California/Mexico--and eleven other colorful cards
which celebrate an overlooked and too-often forgotten

Each card has its own color map with clear directions
for locating that not-to-be-missed site--and more precise
posing instructions for photo-ops, once on-site.
As well, each card has a bound-in registry for
thoughtful correspondents to record who was sent what,

SUGGESTED PHOTO SPOTS will be published in a multiple,
offset edition by the Hemingway Western Studies Center
Fall, 1997.

Artist bookmakers who have works which address public
issues of special interest to Rocky Mountain readers,
are invited to submit (offset/silk-screen/or copier)
publication proposals with mock/ dummy copies
September-November 1997.  Previously published work
(letterpress or unique/limited edition) is eligible.
Materials should be sent SASE to:  Tom Trusky,
Hemingway Western Studies Center, Boise State University,
Boise, ID  83725.

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