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Re: Bridges to the past; links to the future

>So which is it? We have one vote for Venice the other for Florence
The flood was in Florence in November 1966.  The damage was incredible and
in the summer of 1967 you could still smell the floodwaters in the stone of
the major sites/sights in the "centro" (of the city).  When I moved to
Florence in 1969 for graduate school. the water marks were still clearly
visible and many of the major treasures which underwent severe damage, e.g.
Donatello's Mary Magdelene, had not yet been restored.  Other items--the
Cimabue crucifix from Sta. Croce--can never be restored.

As for Venice: it "floods" annually throughout the winter.   Brrrrrrr. cold
and clammy.

Saluti a tutti quanti from a lurking bibliophile:

Beth Kubly             bmk126@xxxxxxx

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