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Re: Bridges to the past; links to the future

        Hi there. There has been some confussion about the Venice and
Florence floods in this interesting thread, which is otherwise easy to
understand: the river Arno, in Florence, did overflow in november 4, 1966;
but in that same day the Venice lagoon raised to an unprecedented level,
seriously damaging the city and its valuable heritage. While it is true
that Venice floods yearly (it is called the "acqua alta" -the "high
the 1966 flood was much more destructive than usual. As Eric Alstrom has
pointed out, you can get information about the Florence flood in the
Internet (for dates, see http://www.mega.it/allu/eng/perche.htm); about the
Venice flood you can see, among others sources, the book "Venezia
restaurata: 1966-1986" (Milan, Electa, 1986; ISBN 88-435-2158-6).
        Salvador Muñoz Viñas.
        Valencia, Spain.

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