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Re: looking for buckram

For rolls of buckram, try:

        Library Binding Service (LBS)
        P.O. Box 1413
        Des Moines, IA  50305-1413
        Fax: 1-800-262-4091

Their spec sheets says they have cut sizes (from 9-1/2" X 14-1/2" up
to 15-1/2" X 26") as well as 44" wide rolls (supposedly only
available in 40 or 80 yard rolls).

Also try:

        568 Broadway
        New York, NY  10012-9989
        (212) 219-0770
        Fax: (212) 219-0735

Their catalog says they have ICG (Indudustrial Coatings Group,
formerly known as Joanna) and Holliston English Finish buckrams.
They don't state the width of the roll (it is somewhere around
44" from my past experience) but you can buy it by the yard.

Eric Alstrom
Athens, Ohio

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