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Re: Layers

Lilias wrote:>>Hi - I liked your comments about why you make books.  Please
tell us ( or
>>some more about your layering processes - I am starting to experiment

Thanks. When I think of layering it's a combination of conceptual (content)
layering and layering created by the materials I use. In one of my books, I
started by making pulp paintings on both sides of the sheets of paper. Then
I printed each side with two woodcuts. The pages were made with differently
shaped deckles, so that when they were put together you could see past and
through from one to another. There's poetry printed on the pages, and the
colours and the depths of colour change as the poems change. The book I'm
working on now consists of small books within envelopes within the main
large book. So that when you open the "book", you have to open each small
book separately; then you can look at them all together, or separately, but
 each book, as it's opened will add to the meaning of the whole book. The
books all consist of woodcuts and screenprints - there's no text in this one.

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