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Medieval Information

To all the kind people who sent me information about medieval times

This is very embarassing. I have just switched from AOL to a local
Internet provider. It has been a long and tortuous process, with some
torture thrown in. Anyway, in my desperation to get AOL out of my
system, I trashed everything AOL, including all my e-mail files which I
had saved in AOL. I transferred them to disk, deleted them, and
discovered to my dismay that they could not be read from the disk
without AOL. So, they are lost.  I would very much appreciate it if
anyone who still has easy access to the information could send it to me
again. Or, if anyone can give me advice for accessing the files on the
disk. The "Medieval Week" with the kids is over but I hope to do
something with the material again.
The week was a great successs. There were 18 6th graders. They did some
academic work with other teachers and I was in charge of creative play.
We wove mini tapestries, made stained glass on acetate, made medallions
with foil, plastic jewels and other things, marbled paper (not medieval
but fun), made a simple cloth covered book, and dabbled a bit with
calligraphy (my life before books). They spent some time in the library
on the internet and the librarian found the sites you sent very helpful.
The week flew by. We ended with a trip to Hammond Castle in Gloucester,
MA built by an inventor and a medieval feast. My son was in the group
and my five year old daughter took time off from her Montessori School
to spend three days with us, so it was a family affair.
Again, thanks for all your help and my apologies for the inconvenience.
While I haven't followed the thread about preservation of information
that carefully, it seems that if it is in the hands of novices like me,
we could be in trouble.

in good spirit,

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
Newburyport, MA

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