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Before I start a fire. . .

Or do something else stupid. . . I have a new HP6 laser printer--my first
laser.  I know the process involves some heat and my question is whether
good handmade/moldmade papers in text weight can be safely used with this
printer. I have read the manual and it sounds as though they would like me
to stick to the office supply house paper but I would like to be a bit more
creative now and then.

Of course, I could just give it a try but I thought the better part of
wisdom from my standpoint would be to get your collective wisdom first.
I'm no techie, and I'd just as soon not burn up my printer or down my house.



Sam Lanham (slanham@xxxxxxxx)

It ain't the heavy haulin' that hurts the horse.  It's the clop, clop, clop
on the hard highway.
                                ----Ray Wynn, west Galveston Island

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