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Re: Before I start a fire. . . with vellum!


Generally, most printers can handle mould-made and handmade paper. For tips
on this, check the archives, there's been lots of discussion in the past
about laser printers and their merits, shortcoming and tricks to make them
work with good paper.

But don't try vellum! If you've got a piece of vellum or parchment - not
the drafting/paper kind, but the real stretched skin kind, keep it away
from high heat. The skin, though dead won't take to heat kindly and will
cockle - probably jam and do nasty things to your printer. Same goes for
the xerox - not for skin-based substrates.

Have fun with that new printer.

Nicholas G. Yeager  Artifex Librorum  51 Warren St. #2  New York, NY 10007
212.346.9609 email:artifex@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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