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Re: Before I start a fire. . .

The heater in a laser, or a copier, is hot enough to melt the plastic toner
pellets but doesn't seem hot enough to scorch paper easily.  While the area
has a warning sign, I think it is intended to prevent finger burns rather
than warning of a fire hazard.  I have seen paper jams of the referred to
vile office supply paper which had some part of a sheet in the heater area.
 No brown paper.

The printer definitions for laserjets allows some great control of the
machines expectation of paper thickness and, maybe, surfaces.  Play with that
feature to get the best results from your handmade paper.  One thing to
remember is that the machines are really designed for consistency in paper
quality - stiffness, thickness, surface tooth - so the laserjet may show
itself to be really reluctant to deal with the papers you find so desirable.

Good luck and good printing
Joseph Herbert

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