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Re: Before I start a fire. . .

Barbara Harman wrote:
> Sam--I am also "no techie" but I have used successfully the following papers
> in my Apple 300 Personal/LaserWriter: Strathmore Charcoal, Lana Laid, Ingres,
>  Frankfurt, Niddigen, Rives Lightweight (this is a tad soft, but it does
> work) and Thai Mulberry. There are undoubtedly others that would work equally
> well.

I have hand fed 140 lb. watercolour paper with a wash and lots of
metallic pigments on it through an HP Laser Printer ( exact model not
known because it was not mine). It worked beautifully! I printed 60
invitations this way. A few did not hold the toner well. The others I
immediately sprayed with a fixative to make sure that the toner would
stay put - and it did! Have been carrying one around to my classes for a
while now and the toner is still on there solid. The same printer would
not feed the foil stuff that bonds to the toner for a fake "foil - stamp"
look and sometimes balked at labels. Good luck with your project!
Jacqueline Sullivan

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