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Re: Bridges to the past; links to the future SELF DISCLOSURE

Nooop! I buy a motherboard, get the software, find I need an extra bell
or whistle. The bell or whistle comes out in version x.7, so I buy
version x.7. It locks up system, has performance problems requires
control codes that aren't on the present motherboard but on the next one
along. I get the new motherboard only to find it needs a new graphics
array, memory chip set etc etc etc. Every time I upgrade a programme I
have to upgrade the PC. At least I am building my own, its cheaper.

Its certainly not financial ability. Every time I upgrade, I get these
reminders that I have just upgraded from the bank. I have to keep myself
up to date though to maintain a compatibility with work, otherwise I would
have stopped at the 386.


On Wed, 14 May 1997, Christopher Hicks wrote:

> On Mon, 12 May 1997, J.S.FARLEY wrote:
> > Sinclair ZX81 (Mistake) 1980-81    1 year  } These two were really
> > Commodore 64            1982-83    1 year  } childhood toys
> > IBM XT Clone            1984-89    5 years
> > IBM 286                 1989-93    4 years
> > IBM 386                 1993-95    2 years
> > IBM 486                 1995-96    1 year
> > IBM Pentium             1996-      6 months
> Hmmm . . . maybe this stems from finanicial ability instead of technology
> itself?  I've got 20 machines now, ranging from 286's to Pentiums but
> that's not due to technological advance as much as my personal advance.
> </chris>
> Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to buy Microsoft products.

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