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Re: Before I start a Fire......

Regarding 'plastic' film for photocopiers you should find office stationery
suppliers sell boxes of 50 or 100 sheets of overhead projector film.  I have
one in front of me now from 'Nice Day' labelled "100 sheets of PPC Film A4 with
removable stripe, Heat resistant super clear film for fast feed copiers both
sides equally coated" -  what the US equivalent is I do not know.

I have found that the office paper, while not catching fire (yet!), will often
char to some extent along that part jammed in the fuser section  -  but then
our company machines are used heavily.

When  this thread was raised some time back of hand-made paper in copiers  a
useful tip was posted by Peter Verheyen (14th Oct 96), that thin japanese
tissue could be passed through the copier by enclosing it with thicker paper,
the leading edge being folded over to hold the thin tissue.

Rodney Fry
<  rod.fry@xxxxxxxx>

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