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Re[2]: Bridges to the past; links to the future

          Here's another excellent book about the disastrous Arno
          River flood in Florence, 1966.

          Greenfeld, Howard.  THE WATERS OF NOVEMBER.  Chicago:
          Follett, 1969.

          It documents the event with extensive black and white
          photographs and journal-like text.  What impressed me
          was the enormous immediate international response.
          Many volunteers, from all over the world, both professional
          and non-professional, helped retrieve, sort, and take
          measures to initially arrest the damage, even before the
          main conservation efforts could be undertaken. It is also
          interesting to note how conservation methods have improved
          since then and how disaster preparedness is a priority in
          most museums and libraries.  No one wants to be caught again
          like Florence was.  Sadly, however, as in North Dakota, it
          can still happen.


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