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Re: Before I start a Fire......

At 08:40 AM 5/15/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Regarding 'plastic' film for photocopiers you should find office stationery
>suppliers sell boxes of 50 or 100 sheets of overhead projector film.

Be careful not to use Overhead Projection film that is made only for
Themofax Machines, such as 3m RQ1130.  These films are NOT MYLAR based and
are meant ONLY for machines that use INFRARED LIGHT to transfer the image.
All themographic films are deadly to your laser printer or photocopier.  My
3m "Secretary" model machine was made in the early 1960's, cleaned once in
1966 and is still cranking out the overheads.  Set new office record last
month-1250 overheads!

It should be noted that the laser is only imployed to form the image on the
drum.  We're not cutting James Bond in half with our little desktop units.
The image is fused to the substrate (paper, film-what have you) by a heated
roller.  Too bad too, I was hoping to do some serious die cutting if only I
could figure out how to boost the laser's power!

I have run 100 % rag tracing vellum (Paper NOT Skin!) with great results.
Laser printing mylar isn't quite opaque but I have made photoplates from
opaque text laser printed to rag vellum like Albanene or Vadillon.  My HP
LaserJet4L software has a toner adjustment which I just discovered, which
might deliver more toner for more opaque maylar printing.


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