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Re: Before I start a fire. . .

tyvek also works,
>i usually spray with krylon 1303 to be assured of a good seal of the toner
>to paper.
>Jeanne Drewes

Be very careful with tyvek - I had some melt in an older laserwriter plus -
fortunately the smell of burning plastic alerted me and I fished out the
bigger pieces before damage was done to the printer, but I had to run about
50 sheets of paper through to get out all the smaller bits of plastic. In
general I run just about anything through laserprinters, and really go wild
with inkjet printers. To print on lighter weight paper such as unryu
tissues, fold the top over a piece of text weight paper so the printer
rollers grab the whole package. Occasionally it is necessary to fasten the
unryu to the text weight paper with a small bit of thin tape. I also iron
out any crinkles, with either an iron or drymount press, before running the
tissue through the printer. Printing from a color inkjet printer (I use a
techtronix 140) onto Arches rough watercolor papar - 90 lb. - is nice
because the paper is soft enough that it absorbs/spreads the dots,
emulating a more handpainted look than is possible on harder papers.
Printing color inkjet on unryu tissue can also produce lovely images.
Alicia Bailey

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