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Re: Book Arts Exhibit in Denver...call for entries

On Tue, 13 May 1997, Iris Nevins wrote:
> To Dancing Horse Studios/Nancy Missbach:
> Does your call for entries include marbling, paper in sheets, as in
> components of a book, or only for a finished product in book form?

I checked with Nancy on this. The show is of books or artworks that refer
to the book form, although the term is broadly defined. The show will
feature finished works, not component parts, like sheets of marbled paper.

I've obtained the complete prospectus for the show, which I will be
posting to the list shortly. Hopefully, that will clarify things a little
bit. For more information, contact Alicia McKim at (303)480-0632 or Nancy
Missbach at Dancing Horse Studios, 244 S. Broadway, Denver 80209.

Neither Nancy nor Alicia is online as yet. I'm afraid what they've given
me is all the information I have.

Emily Epstein

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