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                        B O O K   W O R K S
  The 8th Biennial Pacific Center for the Book Arts Members' Exhibition

will be on display in the San Francisco Public Library's 6th Floor Skylight
Gallery, Civic Center, through June 28, 1997.

What is a book? Should it have words, pages, covers? The works of book artists
today try to answer these questions and their answers provide a fascinating and
often bizarre look at the ancient form of the book. Where else but in the PCBA
show can you see such diversities as Chinese scrolls, wax tablets in the Roman
style and surrealist poetry hidden inside kitchen toasters?

The members of PCBA represent traditional craftsmanship and innovative
experimentation. They are calligraphers, bookbinders, fine printers, book
artists and xerographers. Some use the computer to help generate their books;
some have never been near a computer in their lives, but rely on good old-
fashioned lead and sticky ink to get their words onto paper. Others have
forsaken paper altogether and print on Plexiglas, fruit, or match sticks.

The exhibitors in this year's show include many well-known book artists from
the Bay Area, across the country, and abroad. Newcomers are always encouraged,
and the D. Steven Corey Award is given to one artist whose work exemplifies
PCBA's pioneering spirit.

For more information, please contact Dominic Riley, Exhibition Chair, at
510-525-5614, or the Book Arts and Special Collections Center at 415-557-4560.

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