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Re: Before I start a fire. . .

sam and other adventurous laser users -

i know nothing about hewlett packard printers, but my husband has tried some
really dangerous things in our old qms 300dpi printer.  if they would work in
that thing, i don't know why they wouldn't work in something nicer.  don't
take my word as that of an expert, just someone who didn't know better than
not to have braved what we did.

in our art supply store, we have a sample laser-printed on papyrus (you do
have to spray the papyrus afterward to keep the toner from smearing) and an
A4 size indian handmade paper with rose petals (if a petal falls off in the
printer, it will stick to a future page.)  and many years ago, he printed
several things on okawara handmade paper.  the okawara we used is the 12" x
16" cut in half.  i have run a fabriano stationery called mediovalis through,
too.  it worked surprisingly well for such a heavy and heavily textured

suggestions are to cut one deckle-edge and to use something smooth enough to
get a good bond toner-to-paper.

we just got back from the national art materials trade convention last week.
 one of my missions while there was to scout the exotic laser/copier papers
newly available.  there ended up being too many to stock all at once.  we
will be adding a few at a time for a good long while.  you might consider
some of those.  one of my favorite was a letter-sized version of an eastern
paper we've carried for a long time which has a hand-written design

good luck

little rock, arkansas

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