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Re: Before I start a fire. . .

In a message dated 97-05-14 20:32:22 EDT, you write:

<< printer definitions for laserjets allows some great control of the
 machines expectation of paper thickness and, maybe, surfaces. >>

Looked: Cannot find. If this is true (I have an Hewlett Packard Laserjet
IIP), it sounds like one could set the control, i.e. for thicker paper, and
the printer would 'expect' same until it was set otherwise.

Without touching anything, I have put bookcloth, fabric ironed to freezer
wrap, hmp, even hmp with flower petals, Japanese rice and collage papers,
Arches and Rives lightweight, gift wrap, and paste papers through my printer.
It only gagged on ultrasuede and Canson Mi-Tiente. And the latter was
rejected when the printer (or operator) had PMS, but was accepted on another
(better) day.

I do have one horror story...only use transparancies made for the
printer...you don't need the details, believe me. But the printer even
recovered from that episode. Since that day, I press PRINT, ready to pounce
on the pause/abort-print button. Using my 'no-pain-no-gain' mantra I 'will'
the page through.

As I said, I like layering. I want to do everything myself, in house. My
middle name should have been Control instead of Louise.

Mary Crest

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