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Re: Before I start a fire. . .

I have some beautiful but rather thick and heavily textured and
stiff cover stock (rated for ink-jet, which does work fine, but not
for laser printers.) I can get it to feed through my HP IIIp if I am
really patient, but the toner still doesn't bond properly.  I remember
some discussion on this list about the need for the paper to reach an
appropriate temperature for the toner to bond - perhaps if I ironed the
paper first, or passed it through several times on a blank page to preheat
it, it would work.  To be honest, I haven't tried it, but it makes sense.

That question of getting the material up to the right temperature if it's
thick is, at any rate, another issue to consider when you think about putting
odd stuff through a laser printer. Sort of the opposite consideration
from starting a fire, but...

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