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Re: Before I start a fire. . .

>Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 16:50:23 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Jeanne Drewes <jdrewes@xxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Before I start a fire. . .
>To: Artemis BonaDea <paradux@xxxxxxxxxx>
>Cc: Sam Lanham <slanham@xxxxxxxx>
>Reply-to: Jeanne Drewes <jdrewes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>X-X-Sender: jdrewes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>sorry to be slow replying.  we use kylon 1303 to fix the toner on the
>moriki.  i don't use a full sheet rather i cut the moriki to a bit larger
>than the spine i am working with and make a sample on a regular sheet of
>paper, i then tape the moriki over the print that is correct, sometimes it
>takes more than one try, especially when you are first starting, and then
>i run the sheet through with the taped on moriki and there it is.
>the first printing never comes out on the back of the moriki, at least not
>yet and it allows me to center and use just as much moriki as i need.  i
>do waste some toner since i print twice, but i use the same sheet of
>printing paper over and over moving the printed title lower on the sheet
>or on the back or to one side until i can't remember which one i am
>working on anymore, then i start with a fresh sheet.  since the moriki is
>the expensive item my method seems reasonable.  i can also be sure i have
>the right size font, a font that matches with the text on the cover or
>whatever.  i make up a cheat sheet of the fonts to keep by the computer as
>i can't remember what every one looks like.
>the other thing i do is print landscape so that the narrowest side of the
>moriki gets the tape and this prevents any jamming.  I have never had a
>sheet stick in a printer and i have used a number of laser printers with
>this method.  one could set up a template for various sizes and then you
>would know where and how big the title strip you wanted to print would be,
>but i prefer the ability to make the title label fit the book width more
>individually so have not tried to come up with a working template.
>I hope this helps.  gee now i have explained this i wonder if i should
>send to the listserv?  if you think so please forward
>Jeanne Drewes
>Preservation Department                                voice  410 516 5486
>Milton S. Eisenhower Library                   fax    410 516 5080
>Johns Hopkins University
>3400 N. Charles Street                             jdrewes@xxxxxxx
>Baltimore, MD  21218
>On Wed, 14 May 1997, Artemis BonaDea wrote:
>> Jeanne:  I'm interested in your use of Moriki paper for labels.  I've not
>> been happy with the labels I've made, mostly that the toner doesn't want
>> to stick.  From what I've been hearing, I need a fixitive.
>> Do you run a 8 1/2x11" Moriki sheet through the printer or do you tape a
>> smaller section to a regular bond sheet and send it through?  I'm trying
>> to find a way to get labels without committing an entire sheet of Moriki
>> to the project.
>> I had a weeks conservation training at JHU *years* ago with Robert M. and
>> crew.  It's a great school.
>> Thanks, Artemis BonaDea
Sam Lanham (slanham@xxxxxxxx)

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