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Re: After she started the fire

In a message dated 97-05-17 06:17:09 EDT, tom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Tom
Marshall) writes:
<< Is it possible to assist `bonding' by applying heat
 after printing? Perhaps using a hot-air paint stripper. >>

I'm new to this list starting just this past week, so rather than giving some
kind of boring introduction I'll just pass on something relating to the above
that might be useful.  A friend of my does transfers of heavily laser printed
designs onto bronze sheets which is used as a resist for etching.  Now the
thing that may be interesting here is that to transfer the print, a source of
heat is used on the back of the laser printed paper.  One could use an iron I
suppose, but the same premise could possibly work to "fix" the laser toner on
a non laser printable paper.  It would be worth a try.  I would suggest an
intermediate sheet between the iron and the finished copy though.  A photo
tacking iron should work as well.

Since I am a metal sculptor interested in producing studio editions of
printed material, I'm sure I'll learn a great deal about this particular
medium on this list. If any one has questions about any type of metal work
whether for covers or whatever, I'm sure I can help out in some small way.
 Much of what we all do is often cross related so who knows who knows what,
that might be useful.

Chris Ray

if anyone  is interested, the master index for my sites (including an on line
book) is at:


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