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Binding Suggestions?

I purchased "A Bibliophile's Portfolio of Quotes" by John F. Dingman.  There
are 14  individual pages, each with a  bibliophile quote plus a preface and
table of contents for a total of 16 pages.  They were leterpress printed
using different papers, hand-set types and inks.  Each page has
ornamentation in color and is 8 x 10 inches in size.

I appeal to book artists for suggestions on how I might bind this.  I don't
want to do a clamshell case and keep the pages loose.  My first idea was an
accordian fold and tip-in the pages.   Any and all suggestions will be most

A recent thread about printing out e-mai,l or not, comes into account on
this project.  The offer for this portfolio appeared on the list on May 7,
1996.  I had printed it out, filed it, found it a year later and just
recently ordered it.  Had I not had my hard copy I doubt if I'd ever
remembered to search for it on the archives.

Anyone interested in the portfolio should contact Kathy Miller, Iron Bear
Press, PO Box 90340, San Diego, CA 92169 (or phone 619-274-5110)  There was
an limited printing of 150; the portfolio comes in a presentation folder and
was $30 including shipping.

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