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Shakespeare is probably one of the most censored, expurgated,
bowdlerized authors ever!.  Bowdler's famous Family Shakespeare is now
quite difficult to obtain.  The forerunner of Family Values?

Interestingly in the book-arts context, Janet Zweig published an
'artist's book' in 1989 titled "The 336 lines currently expurgated
from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in ninth grade textbooks".
 "Directions for use:  Xerox this book so that the words are printed
on only one side of the sheet.  Cut out the lines and replace them in
your textbook where they belong in the play.  Pass the book on to
another student"

Jack M. Ginsberg
E-mail: jackg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Johannesburg, South Africa

>There is already at least one English version of the Bible that is
said to
>be politically correct and I even heard that Shakespeare's works are
>being revised.

I can understand the Bible but Will Shakespeare, are you sure?

Christopher Brown
1214 E. Mifflin
Madison Wi 53703

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