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Re: Shakespeare

That is positively brilliant!  It's one of those ideas I wish I'd
thought of.


Jack Ginsberg wrote:
> Shakespeare is probably one of the most censored, expurgated,
> bowdlerized authors ever!.  Bowdler's famous Family Shakespeare is now
> quite difficult to obtain.  The forerunner of Family Values?
> Interestingly in the book-arts context, Janet Zweig published an
> 'artist's book' in 1989 titled "The 336 lines currently expurgated
> from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in ninth grade textbooks".
>  "Directions for use:  Xerox this book so that the words are printed
> on only one side of the sheet.  Cut out the lines and replace them in
> your textbook where they belong in the play.  Pass the book on to
> another student"
> Jack M. Ginsberg
> E-mail: jackg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Johannesburg, South Africa
> >There is already at least one English version of the Bible that is
> said to
> >be politically correct and I even heard that Shakespeare's works are
> also
> >being revised.
> I can understand the Bible but Will Shakespeare, are you sure?
> Christopher Brown
> 1214 E. Mifflin
> Madison Wi 53703


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