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Printing plastic sheets in laser printers

There have been several messages recently about printing plastic sheets in
laser printers, e.g.

<< I had to send the printer away to have it taken apart and get the mylar
 Lesson:  as soon as something jams, get it out of there before it cooks into
 a mass of melted plastic. >>

I doubt very much that it was mylar.
As Michael Morin said, "Be careful not to use Overhead Projection film that
is made only for
Themofax Machines, such as 3m RQ1130.  These films are NOT MYLAR based and
are meant ONLY for machines that use INFRARED LIGHT to transfer the image.
All themographic films are deadly to your laser printer or photocopier. "

I would add, don't laser print Tyvek or any other plastic sheet not designed
specifically for copiers or laser printers.
If you use plastic sheet not made for laser printers, very likely it will
melt on the fuser rolls and cause service problems, no matter how soon you
open up the printer. Some clerks incorrectly call all clear sheet" mylar. "
Not so.

Rupert N. Evans
Prairie Publications
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