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Re: Binding Suggestions?

Sam Lanham wrote:
> Sounds interesting. If you do pursue the accordion-style binding you might
> want to think about the traditional Japanese double-leaf accordion. It is
> described in Ikegami's JAPANESE BOOKBINDING. Each page is made up of two
> leaves pasted only at the vertical edges so it is possible to cut a frame
> in one leaf and mount the broadsides between the two leaves.  If this is
> unclear drop me a line and I'll be more specific.

This sounds similar to Richard Horton's Archival Mat Leaf Album. Each
page consists of a double-wide sheet folded in half with the fold on the
foredge. The sheets are eventually stab sewn like Japanes binding.
Before binding however, the facing half of the sheet has a window made
in it (slightly smaller than the broadside or whatever to be mounted) by
cutting an X from corner to corner of the window opening, and the
resulting V-shaped flaps are folded back to the edge of the window
opening (flat against the inside of the facing sheet), then folded
forward again against the broadside, effectively trapping it. The beauty
of this method is that no adhesive is needed, either on the pages or on
the artifact being mounted. Also, the broadsides can be removed for
individual display (if needed) without taking the binding apart.

It will be nice when e-mail can carry images as easily as text ;-)

Cheers, Richard.

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