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Re: Paper for laser-printers

On Mon, 19 May 1997, Artemis BonaDea wrote:

> This may the Dutch version of the U.S. company Paper Direct which sells
> paper, etc. marketed mostly to businesses.  They have tons of
> preprinted/decorated papers to use in laser printers or copy machines.
> Paper Direct
> 100 Plaza Drive
> Secaucus, NJ  07094
> 800/272-7377
> They also sell heat activated colored foils for labels.  Has anyone tried
> them for paper labels on books or boxes?  I just ordered some of the foil
> to see if it will work as a less expensive alternative for customers who
> want gold.
> Artemis
Hi. I've used the foil for labels on boxes. It works pretty well,
although I don't know about its longevity. I have found that the foil
works somewhat better if it is adhered with an iron, rather than run back
through the laser printer! And make sure you cover the foiled label with
wax paper before boning it down.

Clara Keyes

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