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Re: Binding Suggestions?

In a message dated 97-05-19 20:25:33 EDT, slanham@xxxxxxxx (Sam Lanham)

<< >It will be nice when e-mail can carry images as easily as text ;-) >>

Is there an ftp site connected with this mail list?  If so then that is an
easy way to share images relating to some of the posts sent out.  I just saw
an illustration of the insert suggestion offered, in Shereen LaPlantz's book,
and it's  a little different than what I had imagined, although I suppose
most folks would have figured it out.

Here is another possible way to include an insert on a folded page:

              :-------: ///image////// :-------:
              : /////////////image///////////  :
              : //////////////image//////////  :
              :-------: /////image///// :------:

Aahhh....the beauty of drawing with text symbols....everything is as clear as
mud.  Well, try to imagine cutting out an opening that lies only between the
inside points of each interior corner.  Then slit to the dashed (dotted)
lines.  Put the insert with the long tabs behind the piece and the corner
tabs remain on the same plane as the parent page.  Of course you're left with
these corner tabs overlapping the image but it's another mechanical way to
attach an insert to a page.

Chris Ray


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