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Re: Before...fire/Elsa/Epson printer

I too would like to know exactly how to print on fabric backed by freezer
paper. I am a publisher who also loves fabric arts.
Micki Nellis
At 07:01 PM 5/17/97 +0100, you wrote:
>I was very interested to read of your experiments re:
>printing various fabrics/textures with assorted printers.
>My question is this:
>When using fabric adhered to freezer paper in your
>Epson.......do you use natural or synthetic fabrics?
>Also, how do you set the color so it does not bleed?
>Next, how do you remove the freezer paper? Does
>it adhere very firmly?
>If you have time, I would really appreciate more explicit
>instructions.  I have heard of this technique and have
>been tempted to try it as my color Epson is two years old
>and doesn't need to be treated like a precious baby
>any longer and I'm ready to experiment a little more.
>However, if there is really no way to set the inks so they
>do not bleed profusely  or disappear (which I have heard
>tends to happen), then I might be very unhappy with
>the results!
>Bobbi in New Mexico
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