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Re: paper search

In regards to your search for Fabriano Ingres, have you tried Dolphin Papers?
They are located in Indianapolis, Indiana - 1-800-346-2770. They will send
you a price list and their prices are great. They ship quickly and you
usually get your paper in a few days. They also sell swatch books of their
paper. I find them extremely useful.
Tell them Berwyn Hung sent you. I order a lot of paper from them so they may
be able to get the papers you want even if they are not in stock.
Another thing, they mix and match paper types, so I usually get together with
friends and put in a mass order so we can usually get incredible discounts.
Fabriano Ingres Lightweight is 90lb. and would go for .89 cents a sheet in a
typical order by my friends and I. Also, if you spend over $500 shipping and
handling is free. I have never paid for S+H.

Good luck,

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