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Re: Binding Suggestions?

>>This sounds similar to Richard Horton's Archival Mat Leaf Album.

>It seems to me that the same tab arrangement
>you describe could be used in the accordion as well and since the accordion
>is expandable there would be no problem at the spine. Of course, only one
>side of the pages could be used (as distinguished from use for externally
>applied inserts, printing, or writing where both sides can be used.)

At least two Japanese formats work well with photos and other items added to
the pages--the side stitched binding and the accordian fold format.  As Sam
pointed out, other formats almost require that extra padding be done at the

However, I have seen accordian fold books which have illustrations and text
on both sides. So depending on the construction and materials, particularly
in regard to the fold, the accordian format can be a great choice.

Cathy Atwood
Local Records Program, Missouri Secretary of State

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