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Davey Board/Substitutes

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to repair (oh no, that word!) a few books which are not works of
art or anything which needs absolutely archival materials.  I've been
trying to find Davey board for the covers but have only been able to find
it in the Gaylord catalog.  The problem is the cost!  I can't believe all
the libraries out there are putting on covers that cost more than the books
themselves.  So my question is, does anyone know of a reasonably priced
source for board stock?

Regarding substitutes, I've found that photo mat material is just slightly
too flimsy, and experiments in laminating up thinner materials ended up
with too much warpage.  One day walking thru walmart I saw in the arts and
crafts section a selection of artist's canvas (a board covered with fabric
and gesso) for very low prices (a buck for an 8x10, and larger sizes are
available).  This canvas cut well and takes fabric and paper very well,
it's just that it tends to be just too thick for a book smaller than, well,
8x10 or so.  But it looked ok on a 3 inch thick binding of magazines I put
together.  Does anyone know of any better substitutes?

Hope this doesn't offend any purists out there,


Dan Warren

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