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Re: Before...fire/Tyvek

        What a mess...WARNING !!! Don't sent Tyvek through a Hewlett
        Packard laser printer. Meltdown... Repeat... Meltdown.
        Fortunately the back of this printer opens and I was able to
        clean the GLOBS off the extremely hot roller back there.
        For those of you who have had success with this process,
        are you using a sepcific type of Tyvek? If not, then what type of
        printer are you using EXACTLY...
        We have experimented with both the laser printer and xerox machine
        putting all types of papers through. We even put paper backed
        book cloth through out printer with good results.
        As far as mylar, only use the type specifically for copiers and
        printers, as they are made for these heat producing machines.
        I must say, this has been quite an interesting and coaxing
        discussion. Sometimes all you need is for someone else to say
        "hey, I've done that"

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