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Re: Davey Board/Substitutes

Daniel Warren wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I'm trying to repair (oh no, that word!) a few books which are not works of
> art or anything which needs absolutely archival materials.  I've been
> trying to find Davey board for the covers but have only been able to find
> it in the Gaylord catalog.  The problem is the cost!  I can't believe all
> the libraries out there are putting on covers that cost more than the books
> themselves.  So my question is, does anyone know of a reasonably priced
> source for board stock?
> Regarding substitutes, I've found that photo mat material is just slightly
> too flimsy, and experiments in laminating up thinner materials ended up
> with too much warpage.  One day walking thru walmart I saw in the arts and
> crafts section a selection of artist's canvas (a board covered with fabric
> and gesso) for very low prices (a buck for an 8x10, and larger sizes are
> available).  This canvas cut well and takes fabric and paper very well,
> it's just that it tends to be just too thick for a book smaller than, well,
> 8x10 or so.  But it looked ok on a 3 inch thick binding of magazines I put
> together.  Does anyone know of any better substitutes?
> Hope this doesn't offend any purists out there,
> Dan.
> Dan Warren
> warrend@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, I have used Museum Board for small things, but it's expensive and
it tends to warp.  Sources for Davey Board:  Talas, 568 Broadway, NY NY
10012, 212-219-0770, Fax 212-219-0735.  There MUST be some source in CA.
 InThe Book Arts Directory there's a listing for Colophon Book Arts
Supply in Olympia, WA, 3046 Hogum Bay RD.NE, 98516, 360-459-2940, Fax
360-459-2945, but I've had no dealings with them since I'm in the North
Atlantic.  Good Luck, Tara.

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