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Re: Binding Suggestions?

In a message dated 05/20/97 9:29:33 AM, Cathy Atwood wrote:

<<However, I have seen accordian fold books which have illustrations and text
on both sides.>>

 A design I frequently use is a page folded into three equal parts, producing
a folded edge at both spine and foredge. The interior section acts as a
"carrier" for imagery, text or both, with windows cut in the enclosing
sections to expose text or images (like a sandwich with holes cut out of the
bread). The page can be folded so that the single open edge appears either at
the foredge or at the spine.  I usually attach the pages to an accordion
spine, which is itself sewn over tapes. The accordion can be expanded to
accommodate the additional bulk of the pages. This gives protection and
framing to the enclosures at the same time the pages themselves can open out
fully for access to the enclosed materials. (Wish I could draw this for you
all--hope it makes sense).


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