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Information about an old print

I just picked up (in a garage sale) an old print by George Grosz,
"Manhattan".  It's such a good print that I really thought it might be an
original watercolor - it appears under magnification to be printed from
multiple plates with individual colors (like dark red, purple or teal
blue) rather than the usual contemporary photolitho dots of red, blue,
yellow and black.  I don't know how old it is - the margin includes both a
title/author (below the picture) and a printed copyright statement above
it, but no date.  However the seller said it belonged to his uncle, and it
is slightly faded, so I suppose it's got some years behind it.

Problem: When I took the frame apart, I discovered that in addition to the
non-archival mat (yellowed) and a sheet of very acid corrugated cardboard
(!!!) backing, the poor thing is evidently drymounted to a thin sheet of
either cardboard or chipboard - greyish, at any rate, and certainly not
acid-free.  Can anyone suggest any possible way to either remove that
cardboard or deacidify it adequately, or should I consider it a lost cause
and enjoy my slowly-deteriorating find?  Also, does a print of this type
have any monetary value?

Thanks for your information.

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